Embedded Software

We provide various

Embedded Software Solutions


Revolutionize automotive systems with Classic AUTOSAR platform development

Adaptive AUTOSAR

Stay ahead of the curve in the automotive industry with our Adaptive AUTOSAR platform software development, providing reliable and innovative solutions for your vehicle systems.

ADAS Solutions

The full-stack intelligent driving mass production solution based on self-developed algorithms supports single sensor or multi-sensor fusion configuration. ADAS functions cover from L0 to L2-plus level, including AEB, ACC, LCC, ALC SM-iPilot and other functions. SW-Motion ADAS technology makes vehicle more comfortable, safty and intelligent.

L0 – L2 Functions

AEB: Emergency Break System

ACC: Adaptive Cruise Control

LCC: Lane Centering Control

LAC: Lane Assist Control

ALC: Assist Lane Change

SM-ipilot: Navigation on SW-Motion ipilot

Based on the driver-set navigation route, automatic navigation assistance driving from place A to place B can be realized.


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